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At Home Jock Itch Treatment

Did you know Jock Itch can easily be prevented and treated at home? That's right! In this blog post, you can learn how...

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Is Ringworm Contagious?

Ringworm is contagious and can easily spread to others in your household. Learn more about this skin infection in our...

Sweaty Feet

Foot Care for Valentine’s Day

If you have plans to spend valentine's day barefoot, it’s important to make sure that your feet are ready for others to...

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What if Athlete's Foot Won't Go Away?

Is your athlete's foot not going away? It's possible that you are not treating it properly. Find out more in our post!

Sweaty Feet

How to Stop Sweaty Feet this Winter

Did you know that sweaty feet from winter clothes can result in athlete's foot? Find out how to stop sweaty feet this...

athlete's foot treatment

Mild Athlete’s Foot - Is it even worth treating?

Is a mild athlete's foot infection really worth treatment? Take a look at our post for more on treating tinea pedis!


Foot Fungus & Pedicures

Check out this article to learn how to avoid coming into contact with foot fungus when getting a pedicure!


Winter Athlete's Foot Prevention

Winter weather and clothing can create a breeding ground for foot fungus. Take a look at our post to learn how to...


Ringworm or Dry Skin?

Many ringworm symptoms are similar to those of dry skin. If you're someone who often has dry skin, take a look at this...

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Does Athlete's Foot Smell?

What does Athlete's foot smell like? That's a question a lot of people ask! Find out how athlete's foot smells and what...