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athlete's foot treatment

Mild Athlete’s Foot - Is it even worth treating?

Is a mild athlete's foot infection really worth treatment? Take a look at our post for more on treating tinea pedis!


Foot Fungus & Pedicures

Check out this article to learn how to avoid coming into contact with foot fungus when getting a pedicure!


Winter Athlete's Foot Prevention

Winter weather and clothing can create a breeding ground for foot fungus. Take a look at our post to learn how to...


Ringworm or Dry Skin?

Many ringworm symptoms are similar to those of dry skin. If you're someone who often has dry skin, take a look at this...

athlete's foot

Does Athlete's Foot Smell?

What does Athlete's foot smell like? That's a question a lot of people ask! Find out how athlete's foot smells and what...

athlete's foot

Ringworm Causes — Why do I Keep Getting Ringworm?

When ringworm is left untreated, it can keep coming back. Read this blog post and find out what causes ringworm and how...

athlete's foot

Should I Wear Socks to Bed with Athlete's Foot?

Not sure whether or not you should bed wearing socks to be with athlete's foot? Take a look at this post to find out!

athlete's foot

Prevent Athlete's Foot by Finding a Shoe That Fits You

Properly fitting shoes help to prevent Athlete's Foot! Take a look at our post for tips on how to find the perfect...

athlete's foot

Athlete's Foot Symptoms or Dry Feet?

Wondering whether you have athlete's foot or just dry feet? Take a look at this post learn more about the symptoms of...

athlete's foot

Foot Washing Tips for Athlete's Foot Prevention

Do you know how to prevent Athlete's Foot? Take a look at our post to find out the best foot washing and foot care tips...