Silka Antifungal Cream

With Terbinafine, treats athlete's foot 4 times faster*. It requires just one week of treatment versus four weeks of treatment for many other products**.

Silka Powder Miconazole

Antifungal powder. Absorbs excess moisture. Relieves itching, burning cracking.

Silka Jock Itch Cream

With an advanced formula with Terbinafine, Silka Jock Itch Cream starts acting on the first day. Clinically proven.

Silka Ringworm Cream

Our formula with Clotrimazole inhibits the growth of fungal cells by altering the cell wall permeability curing most ringworm.

Silka Odor Defense Powder

Odor-fighting foot powder, absorbs sweat & moisture, cools and provides lasting freshness.

Silka Liquid Powder

Apply it as a cream and it turns into powder in seconds, helping absorb sweat and reducing bad odor, leaving the skin with a pleasant sensation.

*compared to antifungal treatments that require 4 weeks of treatment.
** Seven-day course of treatment.