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Is a type of fungal infection, also known as “tinea cruris”. It is identified by the ring-like rash which forms. Signs and symptoms often include itching or a burning sensation in the affected area. Infection may involve the inner thighs area. The rash can spread to any part of the body and is considered highly contagious.


  • It can be caused by the same fungus like athlete´s foot, being spread to the groin through clothing.
  • Tight, restrictive clothing, such as jockstraps. These can trap body warmth and moisture, providing an ideal environment for the fungus.


Treat with Silka Jock itch Cream with Terbinafine, an advanced formula that cures most jock itch infections 2 times faster*. From the first day, it relieves itching, burning, cracking and scaling which accompany this condition. Follow directions on the package.

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Silka Jock Itch Cream

With an advanced formula with Terbinafine, Silka Jock Itch Cream starts acting on the first day. Clinically proven.

*This treatment period for jock itch is 2 times faster than the treatment period for many other active ingredients.