Though the typical Valentine's Day tradition is to go out to a fancy restaurant with your loved one or friends, this year will surely be different.

In the context of COVID-19, this valentine's day will likely be spent inside enjoying a casual night in with your loved one or roommates. If you have plans to spend the night barefoot, it’s important to make sure that your feet are ready for others to see!

First Thing First: Treat Athlete's Foot

It goes without saying that one of the least romantic things to happen on Valentine’s Day would be to spread your untreated athlete’s foot infection to your partner.

If you’ve noticed some athlete’s foot symptoms - itchy, burning, red and flaky skin on your feet and between your toes - it's important that you start treatment right away.

If you need a reminder of how to recognize the fungal foot infection (tinea pedis), take a look at our blog, What is Athlete’s Foot?

woman looking to incorporate better a foot care routine in order to keep athletes foot away
Treating athlete’s foot infections is particularly important for valentine’s day, since an untreated athlete's foot infection can turn into a jock itch or ringworm infection, which can then be passed to others via skin-to-skin contact.

Learn more about what jock itch is and the itchy red circular rash that ringworm and jock itch cause, on our blog.

Infecting your special someone with a fungal skin infection would be anything but romantic, so it is important to make sure that you treat athlete's foot right away! One of your most reliable and convenient options is to use Silka Ⓡ Antifungal Cream which uses active ingredient terbinafine to eradicate the infection with just 7 days of treatment.

If you’ve tried treating your athlete's foot infection several times with no success, the skin infection keeps on coming back, or if you have any pre-existing conditions (such a diabetes), it’s best to see your doctor for a personalized treatment plan.

foot care will allow your feet to look presentable to others

Continued Foot Care

In order to prevent any repeat athlete’s foot infections and keep sweaty feet from putting an end to any romantic evening, it’s essential to start following some solid foot care habits as part of your daily routine.

There’s no better time than when you’re getting ready for your Valentine’s Day date to start taking better care of your feet by following a foot care routine.

Wash your feet at least once daily with warm water and mild soap. Pay close attention to all areas of your feet, especially the spaces between your toes, as these hot and humid areas can provide ideal environments for bacteria and fungi to thrive. Before you get distracted by the events of Valentine’s Day, wash your feet thoroughly and put on clean socks and footwear.

Wear breathable footwear. When you’re planning your Valentine’s Day date outfit, don’t forget about choosing suitable footwear. Wearing socks made from natural fibers like cotton can help keep your feet well ventilated and prevent the build-up of moisture. Aim to wear shoes made from natural materials like leather instead of synthetic poly fibers.

using clean socks is a type of foot care

Alternate between pairs of shoes. Wearing the same pair of shoes every day doesn’t allow them to dry out effectively, which can encourage the optimum conditions for fungi and bacteria to thrive. If you feel like a Valentine’s Day morning workout, once you’ve finished exercising be sure to change out of your shoes and leave them to dry throughout the day - don’t be tempted to keep wearing them all day long!

Give yourself a Valentine’s Day pedicure. If you’re staying home and plan on having your feet on display, keep them looking their best by giving them a pedicure. Start by cutting your toenails in a straight line which helps prevent the build-up of fungi in any crevices. Dead skin often builds up on the heel and can become soft when wet and encourage a fungal infection, so it’s best to remove it with a pumice stone.

Don’t share personal items with your partner. Remember, items like nail clippers, pumice stones, towels, socks, and shoes are personal to you. While it’s tempting to borrow these items from someone else or share your own, it encourages the spread of fungus either to another person’s feet or other areas of the body.

Wear flip-flops in communal areas. If you decide to squeeze in a Valentine’s Day gym workout, remember to pack some footwear, like flip-flops, to wear in communal areas like changing rooms and showers. These places can be hotspots for the athlete’s foot fungus, so protecting your feet is very important.

applying silka cream is a type of foot careDon’t forget about foot powder! To keep your feet feeling fresh, cool, and sweat-free, apply a small amount of foot powder every day. Silka Ⓡ Odor Defense Foot Powder absorbs excess sweat from your feet, preventing the optimum hot and humid conditions for the fungi to thrive.

Take care!