is it?

It’s the feeling that your feet are damp or wet.


For most people, it is normal to feel their feet a bit damp or wet when wearing shoes and socks, after exercising, or even in a regular basis. As a result, this can lead to also having bad-odor on your feet.


In some cases, when there is extreme sweating, you may be suffering from a medical condition called hyperhidrosis and should consider getting medical advice to treat the condition properly.


Treat sweaty and smelly feet with Silka’s foot powders! They help to fight odor, absorb sweat and provide freshness during your day!


Use Silka’s Newest technology:

Silka Liquid Powder will help you fight sweaty feet and bad-odor, without creating a mess! You apply it as a cream and it turns into powder in seconds.


Its creamy texture helps deposit moisture absorbing ingredients onto the skin and when it turns into powder, it creates a shield that absorbs sweat and wetness without excessive drying of the skin, while helping to reduce odor.


Silka Odor Defense Powder

Odor-fighting foot powder, absorbs sweat & moisture, cools and provides lasting freshness.

Silka Liquid Powder

Apply it as a cream and it turns into powder in seconds, helping absorb sweat and reducing bad odor, leaving the skin with a pleasant sensation.