When you get an athlete's foot infection, with irritating athlete's foot symptoms like itchy red flaky skin, the last thing you want is to wait around forever for the infection to go away. Once you know you have an athlete’s foot infection it’s best to treat the foot fungus quickly and effectively.
If you want to avoid the vicious cycle of athlete's foot that keeps coming back, take a look at our top tips for curing your athlete's foot at home fast!

Quick and Effective Athlete's Foot Treatment

As we’ve mentioned in our past post Athlete’s Foot Home Remedies: Do They Really Work?, natural athlete's foot home remedies will do little to treat your athlete's foot symptoms — some may even make them worse!

It is always best to go with a proven antifungal product, but even then, not all over the counter treatments are created equal!

You might be surprised to learn that some over the counter antifungal creams require up to 28 days of consistent treatment!

silka cream is a great athletes foot treatment

If you’re looking for an effective, clinically-proven, and convenient athlete’s foot treatment, Silka(R) Antifungal Cream is the right choice.

Choosing a proven treatment like Silka Ⓡ Antifungal Cream will help get rid of your infection quickly and effectively. When applied properly and consistently to the foot fungus according to the instructions, it only requires 7 days of treatment. Following this, you should be free from those annoying athlete’s foot symptoms.

If you’re unsure of how to choose the right treatment for you, take a look at our post on choosing the right athlete’s foot treatment.

Remember if you develop chronic athlete’s foot (an infection that keeps returning) or you have preexisting health conditions like diabetes, it’s best to touch base with your doctor who can provide you with a personalized treatment plan.

Need a Reminder of Athlete’s Foot Symptoms?

People generally know when they have an athlete’s foot infection because the symptoms are hard to ignore.

Athlete’s foot symptoms include:

• Smelly, sweaty feet
• Itchy skin
• Burning red skin
• Peeling skin between the toes

Remember that flaky skin could also indicate you have dry feet. Take a look at our blog post on athlete’s foot or dry feet for more details.

itch is one of many athletes foot symptoms

Improve Your Foot Care and Cleaning Routine

As we’ve mentioned in previous blogs, to effectively treat athlete’s foot, and successfully prevent the foot fungus (tinea pedis) from returning, you should follow a solid foot care routine that includes washing your feet regularly, changing your socks, and wearing both clean and breathable socks and shoes.

Read our blog Foot Washing Tips for Athlete’s Foot Prevention for more details.

tinea pedis can be very bothersome

But that said, if you are sleeping in the same sheets, using the same towels, and letting your floor and furnishings accumulate fungus, none of this matters.

Some other tips for athlete’s foot prevention include:

Avoid touching your feet too often. If you touch your feet a lot, you may spread the fungal infection from your feet to other areas of your body and cause a jock itch or ringworm infection. If you touch your feet, remember to wash your hands immediately after.

Alternate between pairs of shoes. If you wear the same pair of shoes (particularly trainers) every day, you’ll encourage the fungus to thrive. Owning several pairs of shoes means you’ll be able to wash one pair while you wear the other pair.

Use a foot powder. A quality foot powder like Silka Ⓡ Odor Defense Powder is a great way of complimenting your foot care routine. It helps keep your feet cool and fresh by absorbing excess moisture. This also helps prevent the optimum conditions for the fungus to develop.

Your overall foot care and personal hygiene routine need to ensure that you’re not allowing the fungus to thrive.

some people use foot powder as an athletes foot treatment

Take a look at our post How to Prevent Athlete's Foot from Coming Back to learn more about the steps you can take to ensure a successful athlete's foot treatment.

When you know which steps to follow it’s easy to cure athlete’s foot at home fast. The key is to use a proven treatment plan and follow up with a good foot care routine.

Take care!