Though Thanksgiving celebrations are off the table this year, we will likely be kicking back to spend some time with those that live with us — whether that be immediate family, significant others, roommates, or just your dog or cat. It is great to enjoy the freedom of walking around the house barefoot, although you might feel embarrassed around your housemates if your feet are not in the best shape. 

So what are you going to do with your rough flaky feet? Are they caused by athlete's foot or dry feet? How can you get rid of athlete's foot fast so that you can walk around barefoot without feeling embarrassed of your feet? Read on to find out the difference between these two conditions and how to make sure your feet are always healthy and looking great.

Athlete’s Foot or Dry Feet?

If you have flaky rough skin or are suffering from itchy feet, you could simply have dry feet — or alternatively, you could have athlete's foot! That said, once you know which athlete’s foot symptoms to look out for, it’s much easier to identify the fungal infection.

Athlete’s Foot Symptoms:

•  Itchy skin that feels uncomfortable
•  Burning red skin
•  Smelly sweaty feet
•  Peeling red skin between the toes

To learn more about athlete’s foot and the fungus that causes it, take a look at our blog post What is Athlete’s Foot?.

dry feet with athletes foot symptoms

Although some symptoms of dry feet can resemble athlete’s foot symptoms, dry feet should not burn or be overly red, which is frequently the case with athlete’s foot infections.

Dry feet also shouldn’t smell excessively bad or sweat more than usual. While both dry feet and athlete’s foot infections can be uncomfortable and embarrassing conditions to deal with, they are easily treatable when you follow a few simple steps.

That said, if you’re not sure about your symptoms or you have any pre-existing conditions, make sure to visit your doctor for a personalized diagnosis.

Get Rid of Athlete’s Foot and Prevent Athlete’s Foot from Coming Back

There’s no need to tolerate annoying athlete’s foot symptoms or wait for the fungal infection to go away on its own. In fact, it’s best to eliminate athlete’s foot as soon as possible to prevent it from turning into a chronic infection.

Using an athlete's foot treatment such as Terbinafine-based Silka Ⓡ Antifungal Cream can get rid of athlete's foot fungus in just 7 days! Remember to follow the instructions and apply it consistently at the same time each day and you’ll soon find your athlete’s foot infection disappearing.

Foot with athletes foot symptoms

Steps to Prevent Athlete’s Foot from Returning

Once you’ve eradicated your athlete’s foot infection, you’ll want to know how to prevent it from ever coming back.

The key to preventing athlete's foot is to follow a regular foot care routine. Don't worry, these steps can easily be included into your daily routine with some minor adjustments, and will leave your feet feeling fresh and clean! Some of these tips include:

•  Wear socks made of naturally breathable fibers like cotton, and change them at least once a day - or more if you plan on exercising heavily. The best socks for athlete’s foot are those that are often found in the sports aisle. They’re usually made of breathable fabrics and prevent your feet from becoming too sweaty.

•  Avoid touching your feet too often. If you frequently touch your feet, you could be spreading the fungal infection from your feet to another part of your body. If you do touch your feet, remember to wash your hands immediately after.

•  Keep a spare pair of sneakers handy. Trainers are the shoes we tend to sweat the most in when exercising. Owning more than one pair means you’ll easily be able to wash a pair regularly and wear the other one.

•  Wash your feet at least once a day using warm water and mild soap. Always wash your feet when returning home after a day at work or following exercise. Pay special attention to washing the areas between your toes.

For a more detailed guide on stopping the fungal foot infection from returning, read our post, How to Prevent Athlete’s Foot From Coming Back.

healthy feet on sofa without athletes foot symptoms

Complement Your Foot Care Routine with Foot Powder

A foot powder will help absorb excess moisture and sweat from your feet. By preventing your feet from becoming sweaty, Silka Ⓡ Antifungal Powder will help stop the fungus from thriving in optimum hot and humid conditions, and Silka Ⓡ Odor Defense Powder will help keep your feet dry with a long-lasting cool fresh feeling.

If you don’t like the idea of applying powder, try Silka Ⓡ Liquid Powder. This product is easy to apply as a cream and turns into a powder almost instantly, absorbing excess moisture and leaving your feet feeling fresh.

Take care!