The most notable symptoms of athlete's foot are redness, itching, burning and peeling. It is also easy to catch, since there are many ways in which athlete's foot can spread. If you have not done so yet, we recommend that you take a look at our post What is Athlete's Foot, where we discuss athlete's foot symptoms and causes in greater detail. While having athlete’s foot can feel embarrassing, it is actually very common, and fortunately easy to treat with Silka® Antifungal Cream!

Silka® Antifungal Cream: A proven treatment for athlete's foot


When it comes to athlete’s foot treatments, many people find themselves purchasing a collection of over-the-counter anti-fungal treatments and foot care products, in a desperate attempt to treat their athlete’s foot symptoms. Many treatments need to be applied over a period of 28 days, and if not used correctly the fungus can reappear, which is both frustrating and discouraging. That said, you are likely wondering how to get rid of athlete's foot successfully — luckily we have the answers!

Finding an effective athlete’s foot cure can be challenging. Many athlete's foot products use azoles as their active ingredients. In order for these ingredients to effectively fight against foot fungus, they need to be used consistently, many times twice a day, for four weeks or more. Sticking to this routine can be difficult, which is why many people stop treatment before it is finished, in effect worsening the problem. Silka® Antifungal Cream uses a different active ingredient called terbinafine, which cuts treatment time down to only 7 days. Interested in learning more about the advantages of using a terbinafine-based treatment? Take a look at our post on the topic, Choosing the Right Athlete's Foot Treatment.

If you’re feeling frustrated and annoyed by the fungal infection you’ve found on your foot, rest assured that a terbinafine-based foot fungus treatment such as Silka® Antifungal Cream can cure your condition. When used as directed, you will start to see relief in only the first few days, and could be fully cured after seven.


someone with athletes foot using antifungal cream to cure athletes foot

Step-by-Step Guide to Using Silka® Antifungal Cream


First and foremost, it is essential that you follow package instructions for Sika® Antifungal Cream, which you can find at the bottom of this page or on the package that you purchased. Using the product effectively and on a daily basis is essential to its effectiveness and obtaining the best results possible.

Before applying Silka® Antifungal Cream, we recommend that you wash the affected skin with soap and water and dry it thoroughly. Since athlete's foot can be spread from contaminated objects, any face cloths or towels that you use during this process should be washed in hot water and dried thoroughly before reusing them.

In order for Silka® Antifungal Cream to effectively get rid of your athlete's foot, it needs to be applied once a day around the same time. If you have trouble remembering when you should be applying the treatment, you can try setting a reminder on your phone that goes off every day at the same time for the duration of your treatment.

It can also be helpful to apply Silka® Antifungal Cream as part of your other daily routines, such as after a shower, brushing your teeth, or taking a daily medicine. These daily routines are ones that you are already accustomed to, so combining them with applying the treatment makes it that much easier for you to remember.

If your infection is more severe, your doctor may advise you to apply Silka® Antifungal Cream twice a day for up to two weeks. The same tips apply here as well, since they will help you stick to the routine for the necessary amount of time, ensuring that the fungal infection is fully treated.

After applying the treatment, make sure to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water to ensure that there are no traces of cream or athlete's foot fungus left on your hands. This is very important because athlete’s foot is highly contagious so you don’t want to spread it to any other areas on your body.

In order to maintain healthy feet and prevent reinfection, it is key that you follow proper foot hygiene tips. You can take a look at our post How to Prevent Athlete's Foot to learn more about steps you should be taking in order to prevent future infections.


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Remember to consult a podiatrist or your primary care doctor if you have a particularly stubborn infection that does not respond to treatment with Silka® Antifungal Cream and proper foot hygiene. Your doctor will determine whether you need a prescription for your infection, and to rule out other conditions that could be causing your symptoms. It’s also important to note, that if you suffer from diabetes, you should always consult your doctor immediately when you notice any foot symptoms, particularly if you see any signs of swelling, drainage, or excessive redness.

Take care!