Athlete’s foot is an uncomfortable and sometimes embarrassing fungal foot infection that may leave you avoiding certain social situations where your feet might be exposed. If you’ve experienced red, itchy, cracking, or peeling feet, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about! Once you’ve successfully treated the foot fungus, the question is how to prevent athlete’s foot?

By now, you're likely already aware that a good foot care routine is key to keeping your feet healthy and fungus free but how can you incorporate these tips while working at the office office?

Here we’re sharing some key tips for athlete’s foot prevention at the office so you know how to practice good foot hygiene both discreetly and effectively. Still new to athlete's foot? Check out our detailed guide to the foot fungus.

How to prevent athlete's foot at work

While athlete’s foot can be a frustrating recurring foot infection, luckily it’s easy enough to prevent. For a full list of detailed tips and recommendations check out our blog post on preventing athlete’s foot. Meanwhile, here are a few tips that are specific to the office environment:

Follow a Proper Foot Care Routine

Successful athlete’s foot prevention starts with a regular foot care routine that is consistent no matter where you are.

Make sure to always wash your feet daily with warm water and mild soap. When you’ve finished washing them, make sure to dry them quickly and thoroughly, paying close attention to the spaces between each of your toes. If you are always rushing out the door in the morning, it may be best to do this at night, or adjust your morning schedule to allow for the extra 5-10 minutes.

Cut your toenails regularly in a straight line and don’t share your nail clippers with anyone. Similarly, you also should also never share towels, shoes, or socks since these are easy ways for the foot fungus to spread from person to person.

Bring a Change of Shoes

If you’re planning on heading out for the evening following work for some after-office drinks, bring a change of shoes with you. Since you will have been wearing the same pair of shoes all day, your feet will probably be more than a little hot and sweaty by the end of the day - especially if you’ve been running from meeting to meeting!

Having an extra pair of shoes to change into after work will give your other shoes a chance to dry before you wear them again the following morning. It will also give your feet a chance to breathe.

athletes foot prevention in the office by bringing a change of breathable shoes

What Are the Best Formal Shoes for Athlete's Foot Prevention?

As we know, keeping your feet dry, sweat-free, and properly ventilated is essential to preventing athlete’s foot. So what does that mean for your choice of shoes for the office?

If your office has a formal dress code you must follow, it’s wise to think about the kind of shoes you should wear. Shoes made from leather or other natural materials are always the best option since they allow your feet to breathe more easily.

Synthetic materials tend to cause your feet to heat up and cause more sweating which is the optimum environment for foot fungus to grow and reproduce. You should also wear socks made from natural materials like cotton for the same reason.

Though even the formal footwear that you wear should breathe well and fit you properly, this is not always possible. In this situation, having that extra pair of breathable shoes we mentioned earlier can save your day. While you are sitting at your desk, simply change into your more breathable shoes until your next meeting or formal event.

athletes foot prevention in the office by buying the formal footwear that breathes and removing it when possible

Exercise Before Work

While it can be hard to wake up extra early to fit in your exercise routine, you’ll be doing your feet a huge favor!

Hitting the gym and showering right after you work out will ensure that you arrive at the office with clean fresh-feeling feet. Remember to pack those flip flops and wear them in communal showers and locker rooms, since athlete’s foot is highly contagious and often spreads easily between gym-goers!

If you wait until when the workday is over and do your work out later in the day, you’ll probably head straight from the office to the gym. Although it can feel like a great way to wind down, your feet are probably already sweaty from a day in the same shoes and socks and could do with a break.

However, if you can't go without your nightly workout, make sure that you use athlete's foot powder when leaving the office and wash your feet right after working out. This will ensure that your feet stay as dry and clean as possible, avoiding fungal growth.

athletes foot prevention in the office by bringing a change of shoes for the gym

Athlete's foot prevention with silka Ⓡ athlete's foot powder

Applying foot powder regularly is a great way to prevent athlete’s foot. Absorbing excess moisture, foot powder stops your feet from becoming too hot and sweaty preventing optimal conditions for the foot fungus to develop.

Specially formulated athlete’s foot powders have antifungal ingredients that actively prevent the fungus. As a bonus, these powders also act as a deodorant, keeping your feet feeling fresh and cool for hours. We recommend applying the powder before work to ensure that your feet stay fresh all day long.

Don’t forget, if you already have athlete’s foot, Silka ® Athlete's Foot Cream is one of the most reliable treatment options. This terbinafine cream works effectively when applied effectively over the course of 7 days. Find out more about the best athlete’s foot treatment options in our post on the topic.