Do you have itchy and scaly patches of red skin on your body? Are the patches in a red ring shape? You may be suffering from ringworm!

What is ringworm?

Before you panic seeing the word ‘worm’, don’t worry — ringworm is actually a fungal infection and isn’t actually caused by a worm. Referred to as tinea curis within the medical field, the fungus commonly affects the groin area, other areas of the body, and sometimes ringworm can even be found on the scalp.

If this sounds like something you’re experiencing, read on to find out more about the condition and how to treat ringworm effectively.

How do i know if I have ringworm?

Ringworm symptoms often vary depending on which part of the body is affected. The main symptom to look out for is an itchy red circular rash. Sometimes the rash grows, spreads, or is surrounded by smaller red rings.

You may also experience:
• Rashes that develop in blisters
• Patches of irritated skin with raised edges
• Rashes that are redder on the outer edges

If you have ringworm on your scalp, the hair around the rash may break or begin to fall out and bald patches may develop.

itchy red circular rash on scalp caused by ring worm

How do people get ringworm?

Ringworm can be a really unpleasant skin rash. Not only is it uncomfortable but it can be embarrassing if it appears in visible places. It’s easy to feel annoyed with ringworm symptoms and wonder how you got the fungal infection, particularly if you’re struggling to get rid of it.

However, it's important to remember that ringworm is really common, and it is generally easy to cure and prevent further infection as long as you follow the proper treatment and prevention steps.

The fungi that cause ringworm are thought to live in soil, surviving for extended periods of time as spores. Humans and animals can contract a ringworm infection from coming into direct contact with the fungus in the soil or second-hand contact from a human or animal infected with the fungus.

It’s worth noting that you’re more likely to get ringworm if you:

• Have come into close contact with an infected animal or human
• Live in a warm climate
• Participate in contact sports
Share personal items like clothes or towels with someone who has ringworm
• Have a weakened immune system
• Wear tight or restrictive clothing

itchy red circular rash caused by ring worm from a cat

Can people get ringworm from dogs or cats?

Dogs and cats are common carriers of ringworm. Like other animals, they become infected by coming into contact with fungal spores in the soil. It’s then easy to pick up a ringworm fungal infection from your beloved four-legged friend when you’re next petting or grooming them.

If you suspect that your pet may have a ringworm infection, you should take them to the vet’s for treatment to prevent further spreading within your household. You can also ask your vet about preventative medications or treatments that can be given to your dog or cat to prevent them (and your household) from acquiring the infection in the first place.

Is ringworm contagious in humans

Ringworm is a contagious fungal infection that is easily spread between humans and animals. If your skin comes into direct contact with an infected person’s ringworm rash, you’ll likely become infected yourself. It’s also easily spread by sharing clothing or personal items like towels.

Ringworm also commonly spreads between young children who play and share personal items or toys together.

Did you know that athlete’s foot is actually the name for a ringworm infection of the foot? Athlete’s foot is a common form of the fungal infection that tends to affect sports players or those who exercise frequently, since it’s often caused by sweaty feet. It’s also often seen in people who go barefoot in communal areas such as locker rooms and swimming pools.

This said, a major part of ringworm prevention is preventing athlete's foot in the first place. For a full overview of what athlete’s foot is, its symptoms, and treatment options, check out our blog post, What Is Athlete’s Foot.

itchy red circular rash caused by ring worm

How to treat ringworm — what gets rid of ringworm fast?

As soon as you start to notice ringworm symptoms, it is vital that treatment is started as soon as possible before the fungal infection has a chance to spread to other parts of the body.

If you’re wondering what cures ringworm fast, special antifungal creams for ringworm are your best bet. We recommend using Silka Ⓡ Ringworm Cream. Our special formula, featuring Terbinafine as the active ingredient, prevents any further growth of fungal cells by changing the cell wall’s permeability. You’ll find that it quickly cures most ringworm infections.

However, it’s always best to see a doctor if the ringworm infection hasn’t improved after consistently applying the cream for two weeks or if you have ringworm on your scalp, since further treatment may be necessary. Those with weakened immune systems should also head straight to the doctor for individualized medical advice.